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The Registry's function is to gather, accumulate, organize and maintain the history relative to the Dodge RAM SRT-10.

Registry information is obtained through contributions from owners, enthusiasts, and interested individuals. No guarantee is made as to the accuracy of the data, interpret it and use it at your own risk.

The Registry started back in 2007 and the initial thought was to try and keep a record of the 2004's There was a list within the Dodge structure and the Build Numbers were born. We all wanted to know. There was never an official numbering of the RAM SRT-10 except for the CE, VCA, Yellow Fever and the Night Runner, knowing that we still wanted to know.

Over 10 years the documentation and collection of RAM SRT-10 data grew, we have a lot. Hope to be here for a long time helping out my fellow Brothers and Sisters with one Bad Ass Ride!

To know more about your RAM SRT-10, I may know more... but not always. Give me a shout

We have a message board where questions can be asked at

The Documenting and tracking of Vipers is no longer something we do. We have near 32,000 Vipers in our database, however, found that interest is so small it looks like a passing DUI test percentage. There are a number of other people that have documented the production of the Vipers and have far more traffic and acceptance then we do. As there is nothing really secret about the numbers, it just comes down to how it is presented. I know the good ones and I know the bad ones, it's up to y'all to vet out the ones that don't pass the smell test.

Oh.... and don't email me asking about your Viper, there's about an .07% chance I'm interested in helping.

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