2003 Viper Production

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2003 Viper Production

Total Production - 1,875

2003 Dodge Viper is an enjoyable Convertible two door coming 1 style. The SRT-10, Manufactured in United States of America. 2003 Dodge Viper is seating
2 people. The engine is a 8.0L V10 OHV 20V and only comes with a 6-Speen Manual Transmission. The 2003 Viper fuel tank capacity is 19 gallons. 2003 and
gets approximately 11 miles to the gallon in the city. On highways, the Viper can get as many as 21 miles per gallon. The Viper is Rear Wheel Drive. The
tires are 275/35ZR18 345/30ZR19 BSW Tires on 18X10.0 19X13.0 Aluminum Wheels. The overall length of the Viper is 175.60 inches. The height of the vehicle
is 47.60 inches, keeping the Viper's center of gravity low to the ground.

Performance Specifications (Approximate):

The Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price is $79,995.00 USD.

VIN Range

First VIN: 3V500001
Last VIN: 3V501895


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Build Breakdown Details

Color Stripe Color Center Band Interior ACR SE SRT-10
Graphite Metallic Clear Coat UNK 5
Viper Black Clear Coat UNK 402
Viper Bright Silver Metallic C/C UNK 393
Viper Bright Silver Metallic C/C Black 2
Viper Red Clear Coat UNK 1068
Viper Red Clear Coat Black 5

Color Codes

Is Unavailable

Build Sequence

Is Unavailable


Is Unavailable Air Conditioning - 1,875


Is Unavailable


18X10.0 19X13.0 Aluminum Wheels - 1,875
275/35ZR18 345/30ZR19 BSW Tires - 1,875

Sales Market

Canada Market Specifications - 130
Mexico Market Specifications - 6
U.S. Market Specifications - 1,739
Zone 01-Mexico - 6
Zone 16-Chrysler Corporation-Asg - 31
Zone 21-Canada-Ontario - 51
Zone 22-Canada-Quebec - 27
Zone 23-Canada-Atlantic - 6
Zone 25-Canada-Alberta - 42
Zone 29-Canada-Fleet/Lease - 4
Zone 32-New York - 224
Zone 35-Washington - 107
Zone 42-Detroit - 272
Zone 51-Chicago - 271
Zone 63-Dallas - 166
Zone 66-Orlando - 171
Zone 71-Los Angeles - 207
Zone 74-Denver - 220
Zone 91-Drop Ship - 70

Other Details

Test Vehicle - 10
Marketing / Public Relations Vehicle - 25
Domestic Pilot Orders - 63