2009 Hurst 50th Anniversary Edition

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2009 Hurst 50th Anniversary Edition Registry

"**" 17 Digit VIN will be in the Book/In Work
VIN's are reduced to the Last 4 for Individual-Registry Submitted
Full 17 Digit VIN for Registry Staff submitted
Some of the VIN's are completely withheld

These are not Factory Editions, however, identifying them is important


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User Contributions to the Wiki

  • This Wiki did allow for everyone to add what they know, however, do to the misdeeds of inconsiderate people, Contributions are now limited. I had to lock it down completely.
  • If you would like to be a contributor of Viper and/or Viper Truck data, please contact us after you create your User
  • If you know your 17-digit VIN, you can enter it and see what we have. If the VIN is not found, email ViperJeff@ViperTruckRegistry.com and it will be added.
  • This is also where all the different searches that have and will be requested will be presented
VTR# Name VIN 2009 Build Date Hurst Edition # 2009 Build#
Dave H Found
10/5/2009 8:00:00 AM